Grooming Your Cat

Grooming Your Cat

We all know that cats are very meticulous about keeping themselves cleaned.  I find my cats lying in all areas of the house licking and cleaning themselves.  They really do pride themselves with their cleaning.  However, we do on occasion need to help them stay clean and healthy.

Grooming Your Cat
Grooming Your Cat

I have found some very rewarding benefits while grooming by cats.

We have a special bonding moment while. I am brushing them It allows them to lay back and relax, unless they have some tangles. It keeps their fur nice and silky smooth, I love to snuggle in their soft fur. It keeps them clean and happy. I am able to notice any changes in their skin.

One of the easier ways of grooming is brushing your cat.  You do want to be careful when brushing; some cats do not like it. I have a couple that will tolerate it, but prefer not to be brushed and I have one that just loves it when I brush her.

The type of brush you use will depend on your cat’s hair, whether it is long or short.  You will want to use a good sturdy brush that it easily held and managed.

If your cat has short hair you will want to use a brush with soft bristles so that you do not scratch your cat’s skin and make them uncomfortable. Cats that have long hair use a comb  that is designed for cats.

Be sure to be gentle while brushing using soft, gentle strokes.  You will
know if your cat is enjoying it, they will be purring up a storm.

Cats with longer hair will require longer grooming time and more care, especially if they have tangles or knots in their fur.  Be gentle and the grooming will be a pleasant experience for both.

Your cat’s coats should remain shiny and healthy with regular brushing and grooming.

Another way to groom your cat is by bathing.  Not always the easiest but sometimes necessary.  Cats are usually very good about keeping themselves cleaned and may only on occasion need a bath.

You will want to use a gentle shampoo made just for cats and be sure to rinse thoroughly.  If giving your cat a bath is out of the question, you could use bath wipes. Bath wipes  are also good to use when you just need to quickly clean a small area.

Another good grooming practice is keeping their paws clean and their nails trimmed.  Keeping their nails trimmed not only benefits them, but you also and your furniture.

You will need a nail trimmer  made just for cats.  Also, if you provide them with scratching posts they will keep their nails trimmed naturally.

You can ask your veterinarian the correct way to trim your cat’s nails so that you do not hurt them.

Keeping your cat groomed will not only make them happy but you as well.  They will reward you with their rumbling purr on your lap and their fur will be so silky soft.

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