Choosing the Right Veterinarian

Choosing the Right Veterinarian

It is important when selecting a veterinarian to find one that is not only a medical expert, but also one that cares about your animal’s well being. You want them to become your pet’s second-best friend, as well as your friend. You also want to find a veterinarian with technicians and qualified support staff who are caring.

Choosing the Right Veterinarian

Of course you want to find one that is conveniently located, and one with reasonable fees. The most important factor in finding a good veterinarian is one who you are comfortable with taking care of your cat’s medical needs.

So, the question still remains, how do I find the right veterinarian? The best way is to ask your friends, who treats their pets, as they will have a veterinarian that they really like and you will be comfortable going to one that someone else has had experience with. You could also ask other pet owners who share the same care about their pets as you do your cat.

Another resource is looking in the yellow pages. If you do choose one from the yellow pages, there are a few things to look for on your first visit?

  • A clean, comfortable, and well-organized facility.
  • How many veterinarians are at that facility?
  • Technicians or other staff members.
  • Dog and cat cages in separate areas.
  • The staff is caring and competent.
  • Are tests performed in-house or sent to a specialist?
  • Are there emergency services available?
  • Convenient location and parking.

Even if you find a veterinarian that you are very happy with and not all of the above items have been met, that is fine. The most important key in choosing a veterinarian, is finding one that you are comfortable with to take care of your cat’s health needs. You must be confident that your cat’s health is in good hands.

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