My name is Sharon Cowherd, and I am the proud owner of 3 precious cats. They are a great joy in mine and my husband’s life. We also have a loyal dog in the family.

I have always loved cats for as long as I can remember. I do not have a preference in breed, but I do like the short hair tiger cats. Growing up I only had a few cats as pets and they were outdoors, not everyone loves cats, and most in my family preferred dogs. I also love dogs, but not as much as cats.

It wasn’t until six years ago that I started my own family of cats, which I am keeping indoors. Our first was Tiggy, and our intention was to have only one, but a month later we took in her sister, Cuddles. Then two years later my brother needed to find a home for his dog, Polar Bear, and we took him into our home. It was easy for him as he knew us and loved cats, but they didn’t think it was so wise, I am sure they thought we were crazy for letting a dog into their house. They did get used to him and were very happy.

We later had to let Cuddles go as she was real sick and didn’t want her suffering any longer. Again our intention was to just have one cat, but I started looking for another cat to add to our home, and I found her. Her name was Leena, and she didn’t come alone. We also adopted her little boy, Cooper. It was a lot more to handle at first, having to add another litter box and trying to get all of them to get along. But we have not regretted it one bit, our love for them outweighs all the little troubles from the beginning.

I will share more about each cat and their personalities in other posts. I just wanted to share a quick history of our cats. I will also be sharing my experiences with my cats’ care and all the joy that we receive from them. As a cat owner I still learn a lot from them everyday and also look for more information to keep them healthy and happy, and I will share that information with you.